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    Welcome to Evangelism Explosion
    Every nation equipping every people group
    and every age group to witness to every person.
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    Over 600,000 People Trained to Share their Faith
    through Evangelism Explosion Training.
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    A World-wide Ministry Reaching 11 Million People
    Each making professions of faith in Christ Jesus.

Equipping Your Church

Offering support and guidance for your members to become effective in sharing their faith.

Resourcing Your Evangelism

A wide range of resources to aid you and your church to share your faith.


A wide range of training courses introducing world-class evangelism tools and techniques.

WhaT Church Leaders Say About EE

Discover the Difference Evangelism Explosion can make in your Church

“ee and Xee in particular is an amazing tool for equipping this generation of believers to effectively share their faith. It brings converts through a process of discipleship. This is the first time I have witnessed the learning experience found in Xee, which brings an understanding of the Gospel, on the job training & the resulting trainee confidence.” Pastor John Oliver, Elim Portadown.

"ee is one of the most effective hands on evangelism training tools available. We have a mandate to reach the lost and make disciples of all nations. If we are to fulfill this mandate, it will require as many people as possible trained.  We are all not called be Evangelists, but we have the charge to do the work of an evangelist.  ee equips you to do exactly that, as it is very relational in approach with emphasis on connecting with people." Pastor Felix Hervie, Path of Life Church, Edmonton


About Us

We are about one thing only ... to provide the best possible training in personal evangelism.


In this day and age, it is more important than ever to be able to give a reason for the hope we have within us. Most of us are aware of the need to share your faith with those around us.  Should you feel you have tried, failed and would like additional help as a church or an individual, that's where Evangelism Explosion can help. 

We can assist churches and individuals with training and resources. Evangelism Explosion is tried and tested. Though our work, many Christians around the World are continuing to confidently talk about their faith, and lead others to Christ.

We believe as you or your church members faithfully look to share the Gospel of Jesus, relying on the power of the Holy Spirit, you will see God at work: Peter told the first century Christians to "Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect."   (1 Pet 3.15)

Let's work together to reach people with the Good News of Jesus.

HOw EE is Making a Difference

Stories of how EE has changed lives and churches

Below is a collection of personal stories of how EE has changed ministries and lives:

1. Preaching with a difference - One-on-one evangelism is not everyone's cup of tea. Some of us find it difficult to converse with people we've never met let alone tell them about Jesus. Yes, as Christians we know that we are supposed to evangelise and therefore we try occasionally, but in the main we let the evangelists do the work. Surely God calls particular people to be evangelists doesn't he?

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2. Mountain top experience from church in the valley - Abertridwr is a small village just outside of Caerphilly in South Wales. It is predominantly a working-class community and has a population of around three and a half thousand people. Our Community Church has been using the EE training programme since March 1983 and as a direct result many, many lives in our community have been touched and changed.

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3. A repair man with a difference - I was trained in EE on a six-day Leaders' Training Course in 1998. I remember quite vividly the first day I heard the course advertised on Premier Radio. I was very excited about it as I discussed it with my wife because it sounded like just the very thing I wanted to do, and we had been praying for. I could not wait to start the course, and was so eager that I turned up a day early at the church.

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4. Prepared to make a difference - Going on the EE Leaders Training Course was one of the hardest things I have ever done. But I was so excited at the prospect that I might be able to lead people to Christ that by God's grace I managed to get through. I am so glad that I did, for I am equipped and ready....

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5. A joy and a blessing- I was born on the 20th of February 1957 in Koronadal, South Cotabato, which is a town in the southern part of the Philippines. I lived and worked in the capital city Manila for about nine years before coming to England in October 1989. I came to know the Lord Jesus in April 1983 and have always considered myself as an ‘EE Baby' because I was led to the Lord by through an EE gospel presentation.

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6. Not just teaching but reaching - I first became aware of Evangelism Explosion when I was just eleven months old as a Christian - and it has been a very real part of my life ever since. Let me tell you what it has meant to me.

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7. An unqualified success - I went to church as a young girl although I do not remember much about it the thing that stuck in my mind the most was the pretty coloured stickers that we used to get after each Sunday School lesson. I do not remember much about the teaching - they were probably not the most interesting lessons in the world.

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These stories are taken from a book called "It made sense, it made a difference" published in 2000 to mark the 25th anniversary of Evangelism Explosion in the UK. Available from Christian Focus Publications.

Evangelism Explosion Training

Discover our wide range of training courses to equip you and your church for evangelism.

Leaders' Training Course

Our Leaders' Training Course (LTC) is an intensive 4 day course for church leaders wanting to implement evangelism in their own churches.

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XEE Facilitators' Course

Xee training consists of learning how to connect with people, establishing quality relationships with them, opening up the opportunity to share the Gospel.

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Classic EE

Combining personal evangelism with practical discipleship, Classic ee is a 12 week course that will enable churches to be equipped for evangelism.


Share Your Faith Workshops

Introducing our 1 day workshop to enable any local church or Christian organisation to equip their members for effective personal evangelism.


Hope for Kids

Hope for kids is a brand new resource to help children share their faith with their friends. This interactive resource combines, sketches, songs and bible verses.



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One of our team will be happy to discuss your evangelism needs.

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